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Our Professional Mississauga Website Developer team is dedicated to kick starting new businesses around the world. Bringing new, innovating, efficient and effective graphic developer techniques to the marketing industry. Our Mississauga Website Developers are waiting to hear from you!

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Our website developers in Mississauga develop websites for businesses all across Mississauga! Whether you own a local family run restaurant, or a large scale corporation, our website developer Mississauga team is ready to take on the job! Thinking about having a website developed for your startup in Mississauga? Do it right the first time with VerveDev!

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We strive to bring new and innovating websites across Mississauga!

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Our Mississauga Website Design Pricing

No matter the size of your business, we have the perfect team for the job! We currently display a very basic pricing scheme to give you a better understanding of what to expect of our website design rates! Need something more custom? No problem, contact us below!


+ $250 Per Page
Optional 4 Interest-Free Payments up to $2,000 with
Template Design
Jr. Developer Assigned
Wordpress Available
Mobile Responsive
1 Hour of Strategy
Photo Sourcing
2 Rounds of Revisions
XML Sitemap
2 - 3 Week Delivery
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+ $400 Per Page
Optional 4 Interest-Free Payments up to $2,000 with
Fully Unique Design
Sr. Developer Assigned
Jr. Project Manager Assigned
Wordpress or Raw Code
Mobile Responsive
2 Hours of Strategy
Photo Sourcing
3 Rounds of Revisions
1 Local Meeting
404 Redirect
Google Speedtest
XML Sitemap
3 - 4 Week Delivery
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+ $450 Per Page
Fully Unique Design
Up to 4 Page Mockup
Sr. Developer Assigned
Sr. Project Manager Assigned
Wordpress or Raw Code
Mobile Responsive
10 Hours of Strategy
Photo Sourcing
4 Rounds of Revisions
Multiple Local Meetings
404 Redirect
Google Speedtest
Google Analytics Integration
XML Sitemap
SEO Audit
4 - 6 Week Delivery
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* Need something more custom? No problem! Feel free to send our Mississauga website design team a message to inquire about your project by clicking here! *

You have questions. We have answers!

Mississauga Web Design FAQ

We have compiled a list of questions to answer the most common questions we receive below.

To know the exact page count that we can quote you for, we need to know exactly how many "main" pages you would like to have on your website in Mississauga. Main pages include any uniquely designed page (ex. Home, About, Contact).

This does not include any duplicate pages most commonly found on service pages or e-commerce product pages. The only time we count a page into the quote, is only if it's a completely brand new designed page. If you have 3 services but only want 1 page designed for said services, we would only count that as 1 page for your website quote. However, if you wanted each of the 3 services to contain a completely different design, it would be counted as 3 separate pages on the quote.
We use a variety of different methods to design and develop your website in Mississauga depending on the needs in which you require!

We most commonly will use Wordpress to develop any websites in which the following applies: client has requested Wordpress to be used, client has purchased a template website plan (basic), client requires an e-commerce site.

In the case of a fully uniquely designed website in which the client does not request Wordpress, we code the website completely from scratch using no third party software!
Depending on the plan you have chosen to go with listed above, we have several options to suit all client budgets. Due to a fully unique website taking a lot more time and expertise we have priced said plans higher. Our website template plan (basic) is our only plan that comes with a template.
Once your website has been uploaded to a live server for customers to visit, you might notice your website ranking on google under your business name. However, your website will most likely not rank for any other keywords since SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ongoing service that requires monthly work.

If you would like to learn more about how your website can rank better on google for your desired keywords, please visit our SEO page via Search Engine Optimization
Yes, of course! We develop every website fully responsive ensuring your website will work on 99.9% of devices! We do not charge anything extra to make this happen as we believe this should be standard.
It just so happens that we offer our own web hosting service for our clients in Mississauga, as well as all our other web design clients around the world!

We offer both basic hosting at just $15/month and fully managed hosting at $99.99/month for the clients that want a completely hands off experience. You are able to send a website update request and within 48 hours your request is completed. If you would like to learn more contact us below!
If you don't have a domain already, not a problem. Purchasing a domain is super easy, simply visit Namecheap, search the domain you would like to purchase and follow the steps to acquiring your domain.

Too complicated? Not a problem either, we can set up a domain account for you with ease! It only takes a few minutes!
We require that you provide all the text content for your website. This is because you know your business best and we would prefer that your customers read from you. We source all the media in regards to video/image.

We will develop the entire website with text filler so that you get an idea of how much text/content to put in each blurb and title. It's a lot simpler than it sounds, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us below!
We accept the following payment options: Credit Card (via Stripe), E-Transfer and Cheque.

Our team will get back to you within the same day!

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